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Website appearance and user experience are two key elements that are crucial for marketing conversions. Even if yours isn’t an online business, it is imperative to have a professionally designed website because people search online for literally everything these days.

Wondact is a website designing company that employs some of the best brains in front-and-backend coding and graphic designers. We marry cutting-edge technology with innovative designs in developing websites that jump out and grab eyeballs!

Why choose Wondact’s website designing service?

  • Our web experts create websites designed for maximizing conversions
  • We deploy specialists in every niche, who work collaboratively on each client project
  • We have a suite of time-tested, proven marketing & designing strategies for all industries which are going to peak your ROI

Our Website Development Process

Technical Exploration

Our web designers commence with scrutinizing your company’s present tech framework. We meet your primary stakeholders and tech team in understanding your requirements. This is required so we start off on the right note and mutual understanding as to what exactly is required and the timelines.

Tech Strategizing

It’s not going to be that you would be making major changes frequently to your website. So we take into consideration all current and likely future scenarios, workflows, regulatory framework, tech upgrades. We keep these within your budget while working on developing your website.

End-to-end Website Solutions

Wondact is a holistic website designing agency that is geared to handle all segments which go into creating a world-class website. Digital strategy, content creation, infographics, information flows, and every other possible feature – we are experts in all.

A host of Web Development Languages

Most of our clients aim for a hybrid development model. Herein we create the MVP utilizing a Waterfall methodology and keep on improvising the features in Agile sprints. However, we do also operate in different ways.
Wondact employs very experienced web developers in a range of languages such as PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, etc. We assign a dedicated project manager for each client assignment.

A Robust QA approach

We are maniacal about testing! Our dedicated QA team makes over 100 checkpoints before even thinking to make your website operational.
Wondact believes in getting your management involved too, while the website is still in the beta phase. Your IT team is welcome to play around with it on the development server and offer suggestions.

Effective Handover & Training

We believe in hand-holding rather than completing a website project and ending communication. Our experts guide you through the CMS and train your IT team on how to use it seamlessly.