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Video Trends of 2019 to be Game-Changers in 2020?

Video Trends of 2019 to be Game-Changers in 2020?by on 16th August, 2019  •  0 Comments

We all know that trends keep on changing, but few of them are game-changing. The advertising industry witnessed many trends. Among all of them, video marketing is a game-changer for every business.

A video increases conversion rate by 72%  while Forbes states 39% of audience calls for services after viewing a video.

Here we discuss upcoming trends of videos in 2019 which would be promising game-changers in 2020.

Going Live:

Having followers and audience is not just enough. It is beyond the vanity metrics; live videos help in engaging and assisting the audience in with the info they need. This is more like providing a customized response to the audience. Compared to the pre-recorded video, these live videos draw the attention of many. The notifications are sent to your connections once you go live. So, perks are more with live streams.

The Vibe of Authenticity:

Vloggers are trusted more for authenticity. The trend of vlogging is increasing. People are showing interest to check their videos and try different production, get opinions, suggestions. Try vlogging before it’s late!

A crush of Search engines on Videos:

Do you know that video content is more searchable these days? Yes, the search algorithms are tracking the video scripts as well with the increase in the demand for the voice search.  Make your video previews attractive as they lure your audience. The six-second preview in the video carousel helps the services or the business to create an impact.

Videos for Shopping:

Creating videos for products helps the audience in impacting their purchase decision. Facebook and Instagram stories also include videos to grab the eyeballs of the maximum customers. Try coming out with creative videos for creating an interactive feel.

Race Along Fortune 500 Companies:

It’s adorable to look at your video popping amidst the giant brand videos made with alluring campaigns and budgets. Videos are giving a chance for the small business to the target audience with the least possible budget. A creative campaign, attractive illustrations, and video script help in positioning your brand among the giants.

Most Used Form of Communication:

In 2019, brands are coming with videos to update users about their services on platforms like Facebook with videos. They inspire people with creative videos on Instagram. They make use of the latest trends and relate the same, spread the news with videos on twitters. As well as provide great value and educational videos on YouTube. In this manner, video is going to be the best form of communication across all social channels.

Few crazy facts of videos:

  • Brands are creating videos by optimizing them for no sound. We need this as we scroll social platforms everywhere.
  • 30 second and 60-second video ads are taking advantage of when it comes to marketing.
  • Everything is changing for a good, the tools and the budget for video creation are getting friendly and relaxed.

The bond of social media platforms, search engines are going to change with the videos tremendously in the coming year. Let’s create rocking videos to boost business and to engage the audience.