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A few key questions all businesses need to ask themselves are: Do you know how to encourage more and more views of your web pages? Do you appear on the first page listings on search engines? How effective are your marketing content and keywords? Do you have ample visibility online? And if you are not sure about the answers, you need to continue reading..

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a digital marketing practice to bring yourself on the web. SEO is related to applying a set of techniques that make your website more visible and get more hits from targeted keywords search from all the important search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) happens to be one of the toughest, yet most rewarding nuts to crack in the marketing field. At Wondact, we have a cherry-picked team of some of the best SEO experts out there who know their job well. They possess the deep knowledge and execution techniques of the metrics and algorithms of various search engines, and constantly leverage creative strategies to make your website prominent online like no other SEO company!

Wondact enables higher traffic to its clients’ websites by leveraging First-page Rankings on popular search engines for the prime keywords. A continually rising number of website visitors equates to rising awareness amongst potential customers about your company’s products and services which eventually results in a higher sales conversion rate. As one of the prominent SEO service provider, we have made it a part of our DNA to remain updated on current and unfolding events related to the realms of technology, business, and media. This keeps us fully competent to keep upping your business visibility innovatively online – thus helping you float above your competition.

Our SEO Process

Our SEO process is laddered along five rungs; all geared towards helping your company achieve the highest ROI from our services.

We start off with the Detection stage, which encompasses all activities to glean as much information from your management about your company’s brand values, vision, mission, business functioning, expertise areas, and your short-to-long term goals and target customer base. Our experts then move on to the Planning stage, in which we sift and segregate all the gathered information and data into relevant slots to help us charter a course to develop your website. This phase also entails competitor and market analysis; keywords’ relevance and content competitiveness – to make sure your website remains updated with the latest market trends and customer behavior.
We then move forward to the Development stage in which we work on all those pages we would be optimizing as ‘landing pages’ to prod the viewer to pivot to other pages on your website. This is geared for more page views and thus more time spent by viewers on your website – enabling your website to move up higher in search rankings.

In the Evolution stage, we delve further by continually enhancing and monitoring your website’s content and performance in terms of visitors and conversions by leveraging google analytics and social networks. This leads us to the Analyses & Reporting stage, in which we uncover more optimization strategies that show which type of website design and layouts are leading to maximum conversions.

How we differ from other SEO service providers

Client-centricity: Obviously, any SEO agency delves deeply into the tech stuff; however, our SEO service takes pride in making a deep connection with our clients as well. We value and respect relationships – so our SEO experts genuinely care about client experience.
Constant evolution: In the digital realm, every second matter when it comes to all sorts of updates and tricks. We ensure we keep up-to-date on all these to ensure you get top-notch SEO service.

Transparent communication: Unlike many of our contemporaries, we keep you updated on what all, and how all we are doing as your SEO partner to make your business rank higher and higher on search engines.