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Website performance tracking is imperative to the success of all digital marketing activities. At Wondact, we have a specialized and experienced team which is dedicated to analytical tracking of your website. By an in-depth and constant investigation of your website traffic, we unearth evolving models and predict viewer behavior.

Wondact’s website performance check isn’t simply about generating reports. It’s about data analytics and reinventing to constantly up your ROI from SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing endeavors we also undertake.
We provide action-oriented insights to your management, geared for enabling you to refine your business strategies accordingly.

Our Performance Tracking Features Include:

Data Auditing: Wondact runs a detailed audit of your company’s present analytics to see if it encompasses all relevant features. This includes validating data accuracy and consistency across multiple locations. In case you are yet to devise an analytics system, our experts can develop and implement one which suits your business functionality and works seamlessly. Customized Tracking Solutions: Every business has its unique requirements. We respect that and provide tailor-made performance tracking packages to suit your requirements the best. Superior Classification: We understand that the quality and purpose of website visitors is significant. Therefore, we adopt a detailed approach to segmentation. This enables us to provide comprehensive business insights from the perspectives of viewer behavior, demographics, etc. Website Performance: Our detailed performance analytics highlights grey areas that can be worked upon. Wondact’s reporting is always updated and on-time. Further, it is user-friendly to enable your management to make quick and effective presentations during brainstorming sessions. Cost-benefit Analysis: Potential customers start and close their online journeys across different places and over several devices. We help your business in tracking how customers are reacting to your various marketing arenas. These affect buying behavior, so need to be tagged to enable you to tweak your marketing strategies accordingly. Wondact’s website performance tracking tool does all these in assisting you in making better-informed decisions aimed towards higher growth.