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KPIs for Video Marketing to Gear Up Conversionsby on 3rd August, 2019  •  0 Comments

Every journey gets better with a defined destination.

The same applies to videos which we create for informing, engaging, persuading the audience.

When it comes to videos, we need to achieve a marketing goal. Key performance indicators are set to assess the video. Do you know what exactly are these KPI’s?

So how are we going to figure out these KPI’s and goals for every video or social media post? The relevance lies in the buyer journey.

Let’s crackdown the relation of the buyer journey, KPI’s, and the primary goal for every video here.

Primary Goal for the Video Campaign:

Every sale funnel revolves around the well-known stages of the customer journey. The KPI’s for every buyer stage also varies in this regard. Have a look at the classified KPI’s of every stage.

  1.  Awareness:

It is in the awareness stage; the video must put several hats and include every detail of the customer’s problem. Answer their curiosity and provide them information without missing the impression on your brand.

KPI’s of this stage includes

  • clicks on the video,
  • impressions,
  • Getting a unique audience.
  • Grabbing shares, comments, likes.
  1. Consideration:

As customers are more tech-savvy these days, they have a plethora of information at their end to consider a product. Try to guide them wisely with your video and help them understand how the product or service makes them better in no time.

The expected KPI’s at this stage includes

  • How long the users have parsed the video
  • Did the video create a brand impression?
  1. Decision:

Assure the audience about their purchase. Help them to take that final call. Let them believe that the best solutions always lie with the right brand. Create that brand recognition, trust with your creative and inspiring videos that solve the purpose.

Following are the KPI’s for the video at this stage.

  • The number of sales a video triggered,
  • number of signups, subscriptions
  • calls
  • clicks

So, depending on this buyer behavior, the touchpoints of the video are determined. The performance of the video can be based on engagement, educating, or persuading the customer to grab the sale.

The other key performance indicators include

  1. Feedback:

There will always be the audience who give genuine comments and feedback to your video or posts when they go through scroll freezing videos. Ask them questions, which helps to make endless conversions.

  1. Number of Shares:

Bees buzz around the flowers without any invitation. Expect the same even with your video content. If you are providing value, there will be assured increase in the shares of the video. But ensure to use the right phrases, keywords, and SEO to expand the reach.

  1. Play Rate:

Use the right platform to get the best play rate for the video. Check the social channels which your audience spend most of their time. The thumbnails which are attractive and engaging catches the attention. Consider the play rate as the KPI for your video and work accordingly on your next videos.

All these simple KPI helps you to leverage your video marketing without fail.