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First impressions are lasting. It’s no idle saying, indeed. Even before a viewer reads, he likes to see and ‘feel’ his way through any website. So, it is not enough just to have a top-notch content writing service. It must be complemented by beautifully and innovatively crafted graphic design web pages.

Graphic designing utilizes visual creatives to communicate information via typography, images, color, and form. It’s not a one-size-fits-all field and so there are different types of graphic designs, each with its own specialty and purpose, and thus requiring specific sets of skills.

We, at Wondact, possess a diverse, multi-faceted team of graphic designers to fully do justice to the vast and differing needs of our clients. Take a look at some of our specialties when it comes to graphic designing:

  • Visual identity graphic design: To design your company logo, color schemes, image libraries, and typography which are the essence of your brand.
  • Marketing & advertising graphic design: To give life to marketing strategies ensuing content / digital marketing such as email floaters, PowerPoint presentations, menus, social media ads, banners, blogs’ images etc.
  • User interface graphic design: To enhance viewer experience by on-screen graphic features like buttons, menus, mini-interactives, etc. to balance aesthetic appeal and technical functionality.
  • Publication graphic design: To provide digital support to publishers in the realms of novels, newsletters, books, catalogs, magazines, annual reports, etc.
  • Packaging graphic design: To create innovative and memorable product packaging designs such as labels, typography, illustrations, logos, etc.
  • Motion graphic design: To leverage the powerful graphics that are in motion, such as animation, imagery, and video content. This includes promo videos/trailers / animated logos, GIFs, video tutorials, etc.
  • Environmental graphic design: To provide graphics to visually connect viewers to places to enhance the overall website surfing experience. For instance, retail store interiors, event and conference spacing, signage, wall murals, etc.
  • Art and illustration for graphic design: To create a ‘storytelling’ viewer experience and promote products and services; such as product design imagery, infographics, motion graphics, etc.

So, you can be sure we have all bases covered when it comes to offering top-notch graphic designing solutions for every type of business.