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Content Marketing easy steps that are hard to ignoreby on 14th June, 2019  •  0 Comments

Content marketing is what we focus a lot on. Remember that candy vendor coming walking down our streets on a hot summer noon. The angry sun during our summer vacation trying to stop the

vendor???s tiny little customers see him. With doors and windows shut this fellow had fewer chances of business in this street. Probably parents would avoid the vendor once they saw him.

This marketer knows well, whom to sell his candy. Different candies of varied shapes and size are developed well to lure you and your friends across the street beside his timing of arrival is just when you longed for him the most ???the mid-day???. His repetitive timing of arrival in your street makes you wait for him. Then you heard the (perfect content) cart bell ringing and the vendor shouting loud ???Candieeee??? and the sale is done

Sales were never and will never be an issue. Businesses fight for a share of wallet with more evolved tools at more complex platforms however the winners have always had a simple approach to it. Knowing customers before developing a product for them, letting targeted people know what value is being offered, making listeners know the company operates for them and most important the company takes care.

The right strategy is to invest for gain on the share of mind and heart. Then position products/services accordingly, the share of markets would follow. This is achieved by giving strong ???Reasons to Believe??? to consumers. These reasons to believe are demonstrated in product attributes, organizational culture and interface experiences. Communication plays an embedding role in the process. In-fact creating compelling content is seemed to be the biggest challenge for marketers, at least 80% say so.

To develop content that supports business keep in mind

  • Keep the content simple and easy to understand
  • Talk less on product attributes more on the value a customer gets out of each feature
  • Let the content support customers buying decisions
  • Be engaging ??? informative / emotional / humorous
  • Be regular and consistent
  • Track engagements and be responsive

Content is the new shopping zones. The more engaging and compelling the content the more sale we generate. Necessary content to the right people at the right time would always lead to sales. Not taking away the importance of other factors like the product, distribution channels, reach, service etc. but remember the candy vendor walking down our streets on a hot summer noon. ???Candieeee??? and the sale is done.