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Animated Videos for Business Growth like Never Before

Animated Videos for Business Growth like Never Beforeby on 7th November, 2019  •  0 Comments

Our brain retains information while it’s in a visual format. Visual information engages everyone 60,000x faster when compared to every other form of information. It is a fact that 65% of us are visual learners.

We all agree that visual content garners an audience and a tribe for your brand. Every social media channel is now flooded with billions of videos and engaging posts every single day.

Few Video Stats that might compel you to call us for making your business videos!!!

  • You can have a chance of an 80% conversion rate recorded with videos on landing pages.
  • 64% of People are convinced easily to purchase with entertaining and animated videos.
  • Audience interest increases on the website once they are convinced of the homepage videos.

As a result, videos play a convincing role in content marketing strategy. As well, videos assure conversions.

Five compelling reasons to use animated videos to leverage your brand presence and ROI

  1. Advantages of Animated videos:
  • With the increase in the shorter attention span, animations help to cut through the noise
  • Video Animations are more engaging by evoking emotions.
  • Animated videos are a great funnel to influence buyer persona.
  1. Brings Life to Stories:
  • Give life, humor and attitude to your characters while conveying the message.
  • Any message is conveyed with a punch and emotion using the concept of stories.
  • The animated stories are memorable for a longer duration besides influencing a purchase or action.
  1. Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy:

All difficult concepts and processes are explained with ease using the animations. These videos are very professional and easy to understand. All the stats, ideas are displayed with ease where the layman also understands them. Creating characters on information is a game for professionals! This is way easier with a crisp video script and beautiful animations.

Graphs, charts, analytics, infographics hit the right chord and take your audience to a ride into your services and products. Bank on video animations which takes away the hassle of locations and actors.

  1. Animations Rigs Wings of Success:

Demonstrate your knowledge about your audience, market and potential while creating the animations. Use your creativity to come up with funny, inspirational videos that get viral and spreads your brand like wildfire.

  1. Animations fit into shoes of every concept:

Back your brand vision with nostalgic expressions of the market. The best part is that there is scope to create animations for any idea and every imagination. Compared to live videos, animations are more affordable but bangs enormous results.

Best Features of Animated Videos:
  • Ensure to make short videos that are consumed easily on every social media channel.
  • Keep the autoplay option in mind and ensure to attract your audience in the market even without sound.
  • The secret sauce for every viral video is the same. It should make the people feel good, and they should be thankful in either way while they reshare or repost the video in their network. So, aim for feel-good videos.

Bank on animated videos to increase your conversions, SEO ranking, and build a robust brand identity to increase your customers and revenue. Good luck!!!