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The meaning of content has immensely evolved. With more than 1.8 Billion websites crawling around, catching the attention of your audience is a herculean task. The internet has meager responses to "textual" content which is dying a slow death.

It is not surprising that multiple search engines are now focusing on upgrading their search mechanisms to respond to audios and videos. The reason is simple. Gen-next tailored audio and strategic video productions are winning a lot of customer attention.

Videos, by nature, are the easiest to consume. Five hundred million users watch Facebook videos every day. YouTube, primarily a video hosting platform, is now also the second most popular search engine.

A recent Hubspot statistic states that ninety percent of customers believe that videos drive their buying decisions. A strategic video on a website's landing page is capable of enhancing customer conversion rate by over Eighty percent!


We believe that just like your firm, your content should have values too. So we create content that has five core values:
Specific: Before creating content, we answer: why is this content needed? We spend time understanding our audience and we pay close attention to how and when we showcase the message.

Measurable: We focus on measuring the results of all our content. Customer feedback and response from their target audience is what we always seek to bring our better results.

Actionable: We are obsessed with the fact that a video must enhance its audiences’ experience. It should always be what it is intended to be: Informative or Entertaining or Explanative or a combination.

Relevant: Our professionals, representing diverse work areas and experiences, work relentlessly to create precisely this content: one that sustains, that reflects your expertise and always helps you outshine competition.

Time Bound: We are particular about the frequency and repetition of content to achieve results. We care about creating content that strikes a chord at the right time and with the right force.


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