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6 Promising steps for writing Impactful video scriptby on 18th July, 2019  •  1 Comment

The art of creating impactful video script lies in educating and persuading the audience. It could be about a product or any business with a relatable, engaging story.

Marketers believe writing an effective Video script revolves around

  • Concept of the video
  • Goals

Let’s discuss 6 Promising steps for writing impactful video script:

  1. Jot down the Brief:

In the infinite scroll of the internet, we come across various concepts. Meanwhile, there are high chances of missing a few vital points.

So, it???s always good to have a brief describing;

  1. Cluster Outline to your Video Script:

Write an outline drawing out the cluster of subtopics which contemplates value to the video. Transition or flow of these subtopics should bring captivating and engaging tone to the video.

Break the video concept into interesting individual tasks.

  1. Hook your audience with Video Script:

The beginning few seconds are useful in the captivating audience.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Focus on narrating what they are going to learn by the end of the video.
  1. Devil Lies in Words:

Write in natural and functional words.?? Short and crisp sentences bring conversation tone. Think of your audience, market, and the platform you focus while creating the script.

  • A website video or explainer video must have through details to get a clear idea on your service.
  • Videos for Facebook or other social platforms work with cut short sentences without missing detail.

Bonus Tip: The length of the script must map the buyer’s journey. Clear and concise words of the script always win.

  1. Bring Cohesiveness and Cohesion in Story:

All the animation and words should bring cohesion to a single message. The text of the story should be complete and satisfying, besides focusing on takeaway.

  • No extensive words are entertained.
  • Check with the tone of the story
  • Don???t bombard video with more information
  • Keep voiceover read time also into consideration.
  1. Multiple Video Script Drafts Help:

Be generous to cut the words that don???t contribute to the story. Frame a single short, sweet sentence in the first 30 seconds, which helps the audience to know what to expect from the video.

Try adding humor to your words sensibly to leave a mark. Have a perfect pace, and don???t lag your script.

Read the script from the audience perspective and take feedback from your colleagues as well.

Are you able to tell your business story in less than 2 minutes or over 1 minute by captivating leads? Don???t bother about your stroke of luck, instead, contact Wondact to bring soulful scripts to your videos. All our videos are engaging and brings value to your audience.

Author ??? SnehaLatha
Team Wondact