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6 Ingredients for Quality Viral Video

6 Ingredients for Quality Viral Videoby on 5th September, 2019  •  1 Comment

???The human attention span for online content is just 8.25 seconds.??? Says a Microsoft research.

When it comes to videos, you just need to focus on a few vital aspects to create an impact.

We live in an era that goes and lives by ???the easier, the better.??? Videos are processed 60,000 times better than words and text posts. So, videos are consumed more.

Here we talk of 6 important factors in a video that can make it viral

Don???t just rant about your Brand:

Videos need not always be sale-oriented in nature. They need to talk of interest and concerns of the audience and how the brand is associated with it. Create videos on social issues, global and local concerns which everyone is interested in. Give your views in a creative manner. History has shown that such videos help in creating more followers without lavishing spending on ads. Help the people and let them relate and resonate with your thoughts.

Videos to lend a helping hand:

Figure out what your audience concerns are, try to address them without fail. Videos which answer and throw light to customer???s demands will surely get the right traction. Engage the video script to let the viewers speak their views. Let your product or service be just a minute aspect of the video, unless and until they are explanatory videos.

A captivating Story:

The length of the video never makes it viral. A captivating and helpful story of a second makes the difference. Indulge in providing value and bringing solutions to customers problems. The tone and the impression which the video leaves are very important.

We live in the world, where book is judged by its cover!

Daily, delving deep in multi-tasking and traversing heaps of information, the title, thumbnails, and length of the video also matters.

The title must be intriguing, crisp, and interesting to know further. Don???t spill all the beans in the title itself.?? Ensure don???t go with fake promises. Next comes the thumbnail, which should be captivating to enhance the interest of the individual to view the video.

The average video length which works well is under minutes. On the other hand, when your video is power-packed in value, viewers don???t bother about the length of the video.

Go with the Trends of the Platform:

videos are contributing a vital role in almost all the platforms. But, the duration of the videos varies when it comes to creating an impact. The videos of Instagram are crisp and subtle, while YouTube videos are lengthier. Even Facebook videos are much in content when it comes to the ones popularly shared on Instagram.

Never swing with your Competitors Trend:

Check what your competitors are working on and try to make videos with a difference. Else you end up boring your audience with similar content. Know the buyer behaviors, and target audience to come with creative and relating content.

Stay away from the visual clutter and animations. Don???t overdo and let the video leave a pleasant feel. Do remember to play with sound off. Otherwise, we will be blacklisted in the minds of the audience.

Finally, optimize the video for the mobile.

Use these techniques, create quality viral videos and do let us know how you improved your video marketing with these tips.