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5 Video Ideas to Connect with Audience on Social Media

5 Video Ideas to Connect with Audience on Social Mediaby on 18th September, 2019  •  1 Comment

Sharing regular and useful videos on Social media channels attracts your audience. The scroll freezing videos are usually engaging and eye-catchy. Your videos are successful and vital only if they trigger the audience response and emotions. Standing out from the noise of content on social media needs a lot of research and creativity. You need to tap video trends to be in the race.

Do you think you are winning all that right? Here are 5 tips for videos which are worth creating and sharing.

  1. Pre-roll Videos:

    These are video advertisement that automatically plays directly before a featured video. Spreading the word in an impactful tone using the short 15- 30 second videos. These videos work well across every social platform.

  2. Know what your Audience Wish to Learn: 

    Create videos on how to’s, interviews, etc. Focus on the cluster of topics which your audience wish to learn. Your social account would be slowly flagged as an influencers account as people bank on you for valuable content.

  3. Tap Trending Topics: 

    Have a sensible ear and eye while watching the news on Facebook and Twitter. Try creating videos for your services using trendy concepts. Such videos reach a massive audience besides leaving an impact. It is easier to capitalize by using the buzz.

  4. Behind the Curtain Videos: 

    Making a long-lasting impression is way more comfortable with personal touch and networking. Videos of behind the scenes accurately help to establish trust and reduce the gap between the brand and customers.

  5. Balance Product Promotions: 

    The final goal of these videos or social presence is to promote your products or services. However this might not be the theme of each video that is uploaded. The collective result of video content on social media should drive sales. While creating videos on your products, mix in a tone of engagement to reduce the stench of sales.

After getting a clear idea on different options for videos, never compromise on the quality of videos. Come to a definite conclusion on your budget for every video. Figure out tools and social platforms which help in creating impeccable videos.

Here are two bonus tips to create such videos.

Make use of Video Tools:

Video tools like Camtasia or adobe after effects help you create video content. The help of video production experts enables you to create incredible result-driven videos

Video Analytics: 

Don’t get drowned in the hassle of creating videos. Instead, spend some time to draw insights on the earlier video results. Measure the response of the view of the videos using social media apps. The number of views and shares helps you in knowing your audience interest.

Study video metrics well. These metrics include the play rate, watch rate, and the audience tribe it attracts. All this data helps in coming up with captivating videos by tweaking the concept and creatives as per audience.

Live videos, and spreading the news on promotions, offers, user-generated videos, giveaways, contests, events, are few creative video clusters that are helpful. Get creative with your videos, and they will inspire your audience. It is video marketing in present business communications that catapult growth.