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4 Secrets of Videos Triggering Lead Generation for Your Businessby on 15th July, 2019  •  0 Comments

Videos empower the landscape of promotions via Company Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and every other social channel. In the last couple of years, the demand and impact for videos have spread like wildfire.
No matter what you sell, creating videos help in engaging, persuading, and helping the audience to take the call to action.

“90% of marketers agree that videos help in lead generation compared to other forms of content”. However, the number of viewers never equate to leads and income we earn. So how are we going to leverage videos to generate leads? Do videos pull a roof of leads for your services? Check what professional assistance of a Strategic Video Production house can do for you?

  1. Add Videos at Every Buyer Journey:

An engaging storyline and visuals provide immense value for every video.?? These videos help to capture customers interests and information.
You should Include short snippets at sign-up pages on the website in the lead generation process.

  1. Strength of Video Lies in Strategy:

Every video turns into lead pumping machine when empowered with creative, mindful strategy. Include videos on landing pages to create that human impact of helping the audience. Your videos need to help the customer make a decision of his benefit and just not directly sell your products. Remember people are not really interested until it is of their advantage.

  1. Create Value with Gated Videos:

A company hardly gets short attention span of the audience in the infinite scroll of the internet. Catching it is imperative.
Creating impressive videos is not a mission impossible! Most users access content with a personal interest or the consent of email exchange. Now, it’s the companies turn to use the details to guide them through sales funnel.
add forms at the middle of the video earns a whopping 43% conversion rate and even more. Corporate video production services should nail this by creating value with proper research.

  1. Pull your Leads with a call to action (CTA):

While you are still in the thoughts of your audience, strategically add the CTA button.

  • The position of CTA is not sculpted on stones anywhere. Use it as per relevance to the context.
  • Your CTA could be a lead form, mobile number, URL popping at specific content.

In the form of unskippable ads, unconsciously we are used to video promotions every day and the same needs to be honed by you. Your video strategy should never leave your audience unattended.

Remember to catch them where they are. Videos always help in leveraging the expectations and experiences of the audience.
Resonate your audience minds and try producing different video formats. If you can???t do it as professionally as you would like to, hire a video production house. They surely come up with responsive and relatable videos which showcase the right solutions to improve the audience life and their business.

Author – SnehaLatha
Team Wondact