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2020 Trends and Statistics for Video Marketingby on 6th February, 2020  •  1 Comment

Video has become the very food of marketing in 2020. Text and images have given a great result for a long time but now videos drive the marketing results. It helps you to grow your digital presence and increase your ROI.

You are due to lose out to competition in 2020 if you do not involve Video Marketing while laying your Marketing Strategy. With increasing online traffic, digital presence is crucial in building a brand. Video Marketing is the best way to do it. Here we present a few trends with statistics for video marketing that would make you rethink your video spend.

Video Marketing Trends:
▪ A study shows that 78% of internet users watch online videos every week and around 55% of internet users watch online videos every day. (Hubspot)

Video Marketing has a great potential as there is a huge audience that consumes online videos every day. Video ads have a huge impact on consumer behavior.

▪ It is estimated that by 2022 82% of the internet traffic will be of online videos alone. (Social Media Today)

Investing in Videos now is not only going to give you an increase in ROI now but also in the future. Video Marketing is very promising as the number of users consuming videos online is only going to increase.

▪ Around 58% of consumers were found to trust a brand with videos on the website more than the brand without videos on its website. (Animoto)

Attractive Videos are very important in building a brand. An attractive video not only convinces a consumer but also builds trust.

▪ Including videos in emails increases the click-through rate(CTR) by 63%. (Social Media Today)

Attaching a video makes the email more professional and presentable. The idea is instantly delivered, unlike text and images where the customer has to read everything.

▪ Videos are uploaded to 1200% times more than images and text on social media. (Social Media Today)

Youtube is one of the best platforms to run your Video Marketing campaign. Youtube being the second most visited search engine has a huge potential. Targeting a set of audience is made easy by easy to use tools.

▪ 59% of executives say they would prefer watching a video rather than reading texts. (Wordstream)

Video captures more attention in a short time span that text and images cannot. It is easy to retain most of the content while watching a video than reading a text. Videos make the content more impressive and presentable.

▪ 85% of businesses are using videos as a tool for digital marketing. (Hubspot)

Most of the businesses use video marketing as a tool because it is easier to run their marketing campaign through video marketing and it gives better ROI and sale figures.

▪ Viewers are able to retain up to 90% off a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Insivia)

An average person is more likely to remember what he saw in a video than what he read in a text. So videos work for the long term and have a lasting impact.

▪ More than 60% of people are likely to buy a product after watching a video about it online. (Social Media Today)

Video Ads help drive sales as consumers tend to trust products that have video ads.

▪ 95% of the video marketers plan on increasing or maintaining video spends in 2020. And 87% of video marketers found an increase in their internet traffic. (Optinmonster)

Most video marketers are planning to reinvest in videos as it has proven to be beneficial for them. A lot of companies have experienced an increase in their sales after they invested in video marketing.

▪ 72% of people find videos more engaging than a text while learning about new products and services. (Smart Insight)

Videos are less time consuming than reading a text. You can get more information regarding a product when watching a video about it than reading text about it in a short time span.

▪ 41% of the video marketers use Webinar as a channel to build clients. (Social Media Today)

Clients seem to prefer video presentations over picture presentations.

▪ 59% of the businesses who said their business doesn’t use video marketing currently will start using it in 2020. (Hubspot)

More and more businesses are starting to invest in videos as they are starting to understand the potential that is in video marketing.

▪ 93% of businesses said they gained new customers as a result of using video marketing. (Social Media Today)

Not only does media marketing increases sales but it also opens doors for new customers.

▪ 54% of consumers want to see more product-related videos this year. (Hubspot)

Consumers find learning through videos more easy and efficient. Videos help the consumer understand the product better.

▪ 88% of companies that use video marketing are satisfied with the ROI. (Social Media Today)

Most businesses are satisfied with investing in videos as the sales increase considerably and they get better ROI.

Videos are very promising. And it is the best time to invest in video marketing as it is not only the future but it is the hottest thing right now. All you have to do is get committed to it and get a professional agency like Wondact creating your videos.

Stay ahead of the curve, invest in Video Marketing now, because if you don’t your competitors will certainly outsmart you on this great opportunity.